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Fresh Made Malasadas in Mesa Arizona

Malasadas are originally from Portugal but made popular in Hawaii. Malasadas is a “Portuguese” donut without a hole made with a special dough fried to golden brown and covered in cinnamon sugar. The outside is light and crispy while the inside is deliciously fluffy and gooey. It’s impossible to eat just one.

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Pre Order Malasadas and Pick Up Saturday Morning

Malasadas are served Saturday mornings only, from 7 am to 10 am. Please call ahead to pre-order your Malasadas. Call us at 480-621-6600, provide us your order, make payment and time you’ll be in to pick up your Malasadas. We make every order fresh. We make them when you’re here in the store to pick them up to maximize the freshness, and that’s really the best way to eat Malasadas!

It only takes a few minutes to fry up a dozen or two. So, don’t hesitate to call us anytime during the week, during business hours and we’ll be happy to take your order. 480-621-6600.


  • $1.29 each
  • $6.99 1/2 Dozen
  • $12.99 per Dozen

30 cents for filling. Ask for available fillings when ordering.

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Delicious Malasadas made fresh in Gilbert and mesa AZ
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Donut Worry Malasadas are Famous!

Malasadas that actually taste as good as Leonard’s Bakery in Hawaii! I’ve tried a few and they’re insanely delicious. If they can maintain the taste and texture like the one’s I tried OMG! How does a donut shop in Mesa, Arizona just come up with the best tasting Malasadas on the planet. Is there a Hawaiian Connection? Leonard’s connection? Whatever it is your Malasadas are incredible. Highly Recommend!!! The donuts are the best too.

Dustin J.

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Best donuts in Mesa Arizona. I recently tried the Malasadas from a friend that bought some and they were delicious. I’ve tried Malasadas from several places in Arizona, and these were the best by far. Friendly staff and great service.

Erica Mathews

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Found them on Google Maps as I was searching for Malasadas. Didn’t know the best malasadas were right down the street from our house. We’re here every Saturday now for their Malasadas. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve eaten many Leonard’s Malasadas can’t tell the difference between the two. Best Malasadas in Arizona.

Keoni K.

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