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71 5 – Star Reviews Overall 4.9

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Overall Rating 4.8

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Best donuts in Arizona hands down!!! I would get a dozen from Safeway next door, never again. Why would anyone buy store bought donuts when you can get freshly made donuts right here on Ellsworth and Baseline in Mesa.

Carol Pickosky

5/09/17, Verified Review

Got the promo code for buy 1 dozen donuts get the second dozen free. Been stopping by every morning on my way to work every day since. Best glaze and buttermilk ever! Highly recommend this donut shop.

Jon Erickson

7/09/2017, Verified Review

I tried them because of the reviews, I’m recommending them because they have the best donuts in Arizona. Amazingly friendly service too.

Sean Portner

7/07/2017, Verified Review

Wow! What a difference in the atmosphere than Krispy cream or Dunkin. Friendly and fast service and the donuts were amazing. The coffee was hot and was great!

Harold Remmi

7/11/2017, Verified Review

This the only place that serves BOBA in East Mesa. I’m here every day before work. Good service too.

Dawn Yurong

7/01/17, Verified Review

Gave them a try because Panda wasn’t open yet. WOW! The best doughnuts I’ve ever had. Tried a Thai Tea and got hooked. Highly recommend.

Eli Barns

7/15/2017, Verified Review

First, what a name “Donut Worry Arizona”. Second, they have the best maple bars in Arizona. Been a longtime bosa fan, not anymore.

Kimberly S.

7/17/2017, Verified Review

Found them on Google Maps as I was searching for Malasadas. Didn’t know the best malasadas were right down the street from our house. We’re here every Saturday now for their Malasadas. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve eaten many Leonard’s Malasadas can’t tell the difference between the two. Best Malasadas in Arizona.

Keoni Cano

7/21/2017, Verified Review

What a great local business that I and my husband just found. Donut Worry Arizona. We’ve been coming to this donut shop for 6 months. Nothing’s changed, the donuts and coffee are just as good as the day we found this gem. Thanks, Sam.

Nancy Lions

7/18/2017, Verified Review